We can only fly if we keep our heads full of birds

By 03/08/2023 Portal

'El lamento por Ícaro' es un óleo del pintor Herbert James Draper, realizado en 1898. Actualmente es conservado y exhibido en el museo Tate Británico en Inglaterra.

The rational story that our unconscious keeps is full of winged beings such as dragons, hippogriffs, harpies and others. Among all of them, the Phoenix bird stands out; a bird with bright feathers and long life that, as we know, is reborn from its own ashes. We also have the legend of Icarus, whom his father, Daedalus, built him wings to escape from Crete by flying. If we continue with the list, the angels of our mythological tradition also appear with wings on their backs, even in their satanic version.

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