An experiment manages to transfer the amazing cancer-free life of the mouse to another species

By 24/08/2023 Portal

A mouse lives about three years. One hamster, four. One gray rat, five. A guinea pig, 12. A capybara, 15. And an eastern gray squirrel, 24. They are all rodents and distant cousins, some even have a similar size, but the astonishing differences in their life expectancy suggest that the oldest ones hide a secret to live longer with health. The shaved mouse, or naked mole rat, shatter all records. It is an animal that lives in underground colonies in the Horn of Africa. It is the size of a mouse, but it lives for about 30 years and some specimens even exceed 40. The biologist's team Vera Gorbunova announced this Wednesday that it has managed for the first time to “export” the longevity of one species to another. Scientists have inserted a mouse gene into mice, creating supermice that live longer and are more resistant to cancer.

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La bióloga Vera Gorbunova, fotografiada en mayo de 2022 en el Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, en Madrid.