DNA reveals the oldest family tree of a family, 6,700 years ago

By 26/07/2023 Portal

La tumba de la primera persona enterrada en la necrópolis de Gurgy Les Noisats, una mujer, junto a los restos del patriarca de la familia, abajo a la derecha.

Between 2004 and 2007, a group of archaeologists excavated a 6,700-year-old cemetery in France where more than 100 bodies of all ages were found. The graves were individual and had been carefully excavated so that no one was on top of another. There were hardly any valuable objects next to the dead, something strange, since at that time the Neolithic was triumphing, the revolution that brought sedentary lifestyle, agriculture and inequality to Europe. For the first time in history it was possible to accumulate large quantities of food, and the first riches. For unknown reasons, larger and larger groups began to gather to raise spectacular monuments megaliths and tombs where elites were buried along with valuable or sacred objects, such as weapons and animals. On the other hand, the French cemetery seemed like that of ordinary people of the time.

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Reconstrucción del árbol genealógico de un clan del neolítico. Los cuadrados representan hombres y los círculos mujeres. Los retratos se han hecho basados en el perfil genético de cada individuo.Detalle de uno de los enterramientos con algún signo de prestigio: ocre y un collar de cuentas de piedra caliza.