Companies and Biosphere Reserves will present their joint work within the framework of the First Latin American and Caribbean Open Science Forum

Companies from the public and private sector, entrepreneurs from Latin America and Uruguay will arrive in Montevideo to participate in the CILAC 2016, I Open Science Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean. The event, which will begin in three weeks, aims to connect people, debate and combine interests towards a common regional path for science, technology and innovation.

CILAC understands that interdisciplinary and multisectoral collaboration of the entire Latin American and Caribbean society is fundamental for sustainable development. In this framework, the activity “Private companies in Biosphere Reserves: key actors for sustainable development” (September 9, 10:00, Technological Laboratory of Uruguay) will receive two prominent international companies.

On the one hand, the company Votorantim, present in more than 23 countries, operating in sectors of the economy, will present its experience of working with the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve of Brazil. Patrícia Monteiro Montenegro, Corporate Environmental Manager, will present and debate the potential of multiplying these alliances throughout the region. The agroindustrial company will arrive from Argentina, Ledesma. Miguel Ullivarri, Head of Environment of the company, will travel especially to Uruguay to participate in CILAC, share his work model together with those responsible for the Las Yungas Biosphere Reserve (Jujuy, Argentina). In the words of Jonathan Baker, Regional Specialist of the MAB Program in the Region, “The private sector is a key actor and there is much to learn from the collaborations between these companies and the Biosphere Reserves, particularly on issues of environmental education and conservation of biodiversity”.

Organized by the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB) For Latin America and the Caribbean, the panel is part of the Organization's action program in the Region towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals-Agenda 2030.

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CILAC 2016: I Open Science Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean, the largest regional science, technology and innovation activity in recent times.