Thematic Sessions

The Thematic Sessions will be organized by a relevant institution or a consortium of institutions in one of CILAC 2016 five structured themes.

There are a limited number of spaces for these sessions and therfore will be distributed according to the strategic priority of each theme, and the number of proposals received.

Closed call

Side Events

This category includes special activities that will be aligned with the objectives of CILAC 2016. The requirements for these sessions are based on creativity and innovation. Each session can be up to 12 hours and can be carried over to more than one working day, i.e. training workshop, master class, film festival, thinklabs, etc.

Closed call


The poster exhibition is open to the public. This initiative will be active througout the entire duration of the forum and will be installed in the entrance hall of the main auditorium.

Designers will have the opportunity to explain their work through an oral presentation.

Closed call

Science in the Streets

Parallel to the forum’s planned actvities in the LATU Technological Park, CILAC 2016 will also consist of recreational and cultural activities including science in the streets, planned street activities which links science and society.