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Bell on bell (mathematics)

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The art of bell ringing anticipated group theory, a mathematical discipline of great importance in current research |||

People who look for products with "meaning" buy cheaper

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People who prioritize “meaning” when shopping may inadvertently convince themselves that they should purchase cheaper goods, services, and experiences.

An agreed list of all the world's species is closer than ever thanks to this roadmap

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Actualmente no hay disponible una lista única de especies acordadas. Pero esto podría cambiar pronto gracias a la hoja de ruta para crearla publicada en un reciente estudio en PLOS…

Be wary of overly optimistic news because excess optimism causes pessimism, also with vaccines

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En lo tocante a los porcentajes que se presentan estos días sobre la efectividad de algunas vacunas en desarrollo para combatir el Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, muchos científicos y bioeticistas están denunciando…

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