CILAC is a space for debates, knowledge sharing, and exchanging ideas while building on a common goal: a consolidated science agenda for sustainable development for Latin America and the Caribbean.

This event will be an opportunity for relevant stakeholders to discuss and align regional policies, priorities and practices as well as establish grounds for cooperation in the fields of science technology, innovation, education and research.

There is no other conference in the region like it! Connecting future researchers with distinguished scientists, early stage entrepreneurs with heads of corporations and leading businesses, innovators and policymakers, artists, designers, performers, inventors with engineers, science journalists with media centers. What connects all of these people… the 21st Century challenges

The nature of the forum will be a multi-stakeholder dialogue through: 

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions with widely acclaimed international and regional experts.

Thematic Sessions and Side Events

Thematic sessions with the representation and participation of academia, governments, civil society, multi-lateral organizations, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. Side events organized by regional institutions and companies that wish to promote their product, ideas, research.

Shows and fair

The program includes exhibition poster, installation and implementation of institutional stands and technical visits for interested participants.

Decentralized activities

Recreational and cultural activities including science in the streets, planned street activities that link science with society.