The 'Miura 1' rocket, ready to take off and open the first Spanish door to space

By 28/05/2023 Portal

Everything is ready for Spain to have one of the exclusive keys to space from a private company, PLD Space. The success of the latest ignition and thrust tests of the engines of your rocket Miura 1, Completed in mid-May, they allow us to consider the jump into space, only pending the appropriate atmospheric conditions, disturbed in the last two weeks by the instability on the coast of Huelva, from where the launch will take place. “Just having it on the ramp is already a success. But that it moves away and that we have the possibility of using that technology again will be key,” explains Ezequiel Sánchez, executive president of the company, who remembers an aeronautical saying: “If you don't fly, you lie.”

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El 'Miura 1', en la plataforma de lanzamiento de Huelva.El 'Miura 1' listo para el despegue frente al litoral donde amerizará para la reutilización del artefacto.Ensayo estático del 'Miura 1' a mediados de mayo.Zona de la bahía de carga del 'Miura 1'.