Parlatino supports CILAC

By 15/06/2018 News

He Latin American and Caribbean Parliament expressed its support for the first science forum in the region, CILAC, organized by UNESCO.

Parlatino seeks to promote the economic and social development of the Latin American community, as well as integration in all its aspects. The integrative mission and principles that govern Parlatino are also shared by CILAC, a multi-stakeholder platform that seeks to impact public policies in Latin America. This is why we must highlight the importance of political actors collaborating and participating in this instance.

Within the framework of science week there will be, in addition to the forum, other activities related to technology and innovation, with the presence of important companies and leaders in these areas. For example, topics such as scientific diplomacy or scientific advice in politics will be worked on, which is why CILAC is a valuable opportunity for exchange between Parlatino members and other actors.

#CILAC18 It will be held from October 22 to 24 in Panama City. Follow us on our networks to learn more: