Pere Ginès, hepatologist: “There will be an increase in cirrhosis and liver cancer because alcohol consumption has not stopped and neither has obesity”

Pere Ginès, consultor del Servicio de Hepatología del Hospital Clinic y jefe del grupo de Enfermedades Hepáticas Crónicas del Idibaps.

The liver does not ache or complain when it suffers. At least, not at first. Chronic liver disease develops silently for years, without giving symptoms or warning signs, advancing discreetly, fueled by risky alcohol consumption, hepatitis virus infections or fatty liver disease, associated with obesity and overweight. Only in more advanced stages, when cirrhosis or liver cancer already plagues an exhausted liver, does chronic liver disease show its face.

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Pere Ginès, hepatólogo del Hospital Clínic, es el coordinador de una investigación que ha validado una escala de estratificación de riesgo de desarrollar enfermedad hepática crónica.