Science podcast | The Emperor's Last Voyage?

By 30/08/2023 Portal

They have always lived in the frozen lands of the southern hemisphere. They are the largest penguins that exist, true emperors of the ice, and they certainly do justice to their name. They submerge themselves in the icy waters of the Antarctic with skill, and are capable of descending to a depth of 200 meters and surviving up to 20 minutes without coming out to breathe. Desktop Code Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code AMP Code APP Code The harsh conditions in which they live were masterfully portrayed by documentary filmmaker Luc Jacquet, who thrilled the world with the unknown society of these penguins, whose females must travel hundreds of km on the ice to go feed in open water while the males, for months, hatch the eggs without moving in their nests in one of the most epic adventures in the entire animal kingdom. Related News ABC PODCAST standard No Podcast science | What is happening with UFOs? José Manuel Nieves At the end of August, several exhaustive reports will come to light that will once again put unidentified flying objects in the focus of information. But the ice on which emperors live is melting rapidly, and without it these penguins, especially their chicks, will inevitably end up drowning in the sea. For years, this magnificent species has been included on the list of those most threatened by climate change. This year all melting records have been broken, and the result has been dramatic: four of the five colonies of emperor penguins in the Bellingshausen Sea area, west of Antarctica, suffered a total failure in their reproduction. That is, they did not manage to ensure that their offspring survived. You can also listen to all episodes of the 'Dark Matter' podcast on Spotify, Ivoox, Apple podcast and Google podcast.