«We are genes, systems and data science with the right to science»

Por 25/11/2019 Latest news

On December 3, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Information and Communication of the University of the Republic (Montevideo, Uruguay), the event “Sucesos Científicos” will be held. This Latin American science news radio programme is being organized by the UNESCO Regional Office for America Latin and the Caribbean in the framework of the celebrations of its 70th anniversary in the Region.

 We are, among others, genes, systems and data … but where are we and where are we going with what we don’t know? Science and scientific journalism spokesmen and spokeswomen will exchange with the public about the complex challenges that artificial intelligence, gene editing and data science present to us in the framework of the Right to Science of all individuals. We will make a live news programme addressed the general public to listen and discuss together about it.

 It will be an attempt to deconstruct and collectively build the Right to Science in an open way, together with a wide variety of interlocutors throughout the Latin American region. We will reflect on the latest discoveries in these areas and the vertiginous processes they unchain, in particular we will imagine steps to be followed from our citizen, professional, capacity to intervene inherent paradigms.

 The communication of science and scientific journalism are one of our priorities and we are convinced of its relevant role in building an active scientific citizenship.

Working hard to spread, clarify and defend this human right is everyone’s job. It is important to add partners to the cause.

You are welcome to join us at 6 pm in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Information and Communication of UDELAR (San Salvador 1944). Free entry.