50 reasons to be optimistic with objective data about various areas of life and society

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50 razones para ser optimista con datos objetivos sobre diversos ámbitos de la vida y la sociedad

Despite the doomsaying discourses, which have always been the hegemonic ones in all periods of history, it is enough to take a look at a few decades in advance to, simply, feel very proud of how we have improved the world in all areas, from social to environmental.

Every time someone comes to you with the refrain that the world is going to the abyss and that values have been lost, send it to them.

Reasons for optimism

  1. Hunger can disappear from our planet by 2030 if current improvements are maintained.
  2. More than one billion people have escaped extreme poverty since 1990.
  3. The number of children out of school has been divided by two in 20 years.
  4. The human development index (health, longevity, level of education, standard of living) has progressed in all regions of the world between 1990 and 2014.
  5. The fertility rate has gone from 5 births per woman in 1960 to 2.5 births in 2014.
  6. In 1900 very few people benefited from a social security system. Today it is the norm.
  7. Since 2001, people are more generous every year than the year before.
  8. The amount allocated to international public development aid has increased steadily for 50 years.
  9. Most states in the world are democracies. Two centuries ago they were only 5 %.
  10. In 2016, Burma emerged from an authoritarian regime of more than 50 years through democratic means.

In the following video you can see the 40 extra reasons, in case you still have any doubts that each time, in general, we live in a little better world:

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50 reasons to be optimistic with objective data about various areas of life and society

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