Although herd immunity is still missing, vaccinating risk groups already has extraordinarily beneficial effects

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Aunque aún falte para la inmunidad de grupo, vacunar a los grupos de riesgo ya tiene efectos extraordinariamente beneficiosos

With the vaccines that are already in place and those that will be given in these coming weeks, although there is no group immunity yet, the number of deaths will drop until it is almost residual.

In Spain, 44% of those over 60 years of age have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. And that is already having great beneficial effects.


From that age it has been produced:

  • The 95% of deaths
  • The 64% of ICU admissions
  • The 65% of hospitalizations

Some optimism in sight

Although in the first phases of vaccination they were much slower because they were more complicated at a logistical level (among other things because they were more oriented towards residences), after starting to vaccinate health personnel and teachers, the rhythm has skyrocketed.

To carry out vaccination, the Ministry of Health has prepared a document called Vaccination strategy against Covid-19 in Spain. The fifth update of the Health vaccination plan included a new priority group to receive the vaccine: people with very high-risk conditions, such as those who suffer from oncohematological disease, cancer, some type of primary immunodeficiency or HIV, etc.

All this news invites optimism, but we have to continue considerably accelerating the pace of vaccination, especially in case unforeseen events appear, If what we want is to reach the expected goal of 70 % of the Spanish population immunized by the end of summer of this 2021.

According to the specialized data platform Time to Herd, Spain will reach 70% of vaccinated population within 187 days. However, this platform does not take into account some factors that could increase or decrease the pace of vaccine administration. As we increase the pace, well, The estimated day to reach that percentage will also be closer. And how has emphasized the Minister of Health herself, Carolina Darias: the key month of April will be decisive if we want to reach 70% of the vaccinated population in August (33 million people).

Without a doubt, further proof that, despite the attacks and uncertainty, we can prosper through science and technology. Definitely, be more morlocks than elois, more cornucopian than malthusian:

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Although herd immunity is still missing, vaccinating risk groups already has extraordinarily beneficial effects

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