César Rodríguez, oncologist: “Cancer is like a 'coup' of your own cells”

César Rodríguez, oncólogo del Hospital de Salamanca y presidente electo de la SEOM, en Barcelona durante el congreso de la sociedad científicaFoto: Gianluca Battista

You never know where life takes you. César Rodríguez (Salamanca, 54 years old) was going to be a biologist, but ended up studying Medicine. During his studies, he says, he pursued his professional career away from patients, in the field of research and the laboratory—microbiology or biochemistry, perhaps—but he learned about clinical and healthcare medicine and settled at the end of his studies as an internal student. of cardiology. That was his final destiny until it wasn't. Until, “at the last breath,” in a random rotation through the area of oncology, He discovered, with the help of his mentor, Dr. Juan Jesús Cruz, a discipline and a world about which he barely knew anything. “Cancer, at that time, in 1993, was still an almost always lethal disease, with very few treatment options. It was a specialty where everything had to be done,” explains the doctor, who is an oncologist at the University Hospital of Salamanca, now.

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