Mother Earth Day

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This April 22, 2018, International Mother Earth Day is celebrated worldwide. At CILAC, we promote the development of sustainable territories in the region through science, technology and innovation, and that is why we dedicate this space to mention this special day.

According to the declaration of United Nations:

"We celebrate the International Mother Earth Day to remember that the planet and its ecosystems give us life and sustenance. With this day, we also assume the collective responsibility, as the 1992 Rio Declaration reminded us, of promoting this harmony with nature and Mother Earth.
This day also gives us the opportunity to raise awareness among all the inhabitants of the planet about the problems that affect the Earth and the different forms of life that develop on it.

You can find more information about this International Day in this link. Below, we share a series of images related to Mother Earth, using our slogan for #CILAC18, "Science Connects", since we consider that science is the connection to achieve the sustainability of the territories.