“Reasonable doubts” that Australian Kathleen Folbigg killed her four children

By 26/04/2023 Portal

The Australian Kathleen Folbigg She has been in prison for 20 years, convicted of killing her four children. First Caleb, 19 days old. Then Patrick, eight months old. Later Sarah, 10 months old. And finally, Laura, 18 months old. The sentence considered it proven that Folbigg was a monstrous serial killer. The case review, promoted by the Spanish scientist Carola García de Vinuesa and other colleagues, now considers that the children could have died of natural causes, as Sophie Callan, the main lawyer assisting the judge, stated this Wednesday. “The totality of the evidence leaves reasonable doubts about Ms. Folbigg's guilt,” he stated. It could be one of the greatest judicial injustices in history.

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