The enigma of Dr. Arteta, the genius of pathology who resigned from being a professor: “Fuck the archbishop and the rector”

By 06/08/2023 Portal

El patólogo José Luis Arteta posa en un laboratorio en una foto sin fechar, posterior a 1950.

Pathologists are perhaps the most unfairly unknown doctors. Without them the rest of the medical disciplines would not be possible, nor would there be reliable diagnoses. Currently, a pathologist is that doctor who, in a matter of minutes, takes a tissue sample taken from a patient, analyzes it, determines if there is a tumor and indicates what its limits are. This allows the surgeon not to cut more than necessary and remove all the affected tissue without leaving malignant cells. The pathologists save lives every day, but almost no one knows it, because they do not usually have direct contact with patients.

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José Luis Arteta, primero por la izquierda, junto a otros médicos del departamento de anatomía patológica del Hospital Provincial de Madrid.