VIRTUAL EVENT: Artificial intelligence: technology, ethics, democracy, economy… and beyond

By 10/03/2021 News

The last virtual event of the #CienciaEnMovimiento cycle prior to the CILAC 2021 Forum, will take place this March 24 at 5 p.m.

Artificial intelligence is present in our daily lives, down to its smallest details. The questions about artificial intelligence and its effects on the life of communities, species and the planet are enormous and increasingly sensitive. Even in the current context, the use of AI to confront the COVID-19 pandemic has aroused both compliance and suspicion about the fate of its management.

The quantitative and qualitative reach extraordinary dimensions in their effects, and the known scenarios of science fiction become obsolete. This is, definitely, one of the most strategic and sensitive agenda items of our time.

Can artificial intelligence systems be regulated to take care of user privacy? Will algorithms be allowed to make decisions without knowing the mechanisms involved and without human intervention? Will existing inequalities increase? How is the way we do science, develop technology and innovate based on AI changing? Is Artificial Intelligence an opportunity for the sustainable development of the region?

Sebastián Acevedo (Tekal), María Isabel Mejía (CAF) and Enzo María Le Fevre (European Commission) will address these topics and share their experiences and recommendations, moderated by Eleonora Lamm (UNESCO).

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