NEW CILAC EVENT: scientific diplomacy in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Don't miss the new CILAC virtual event on November 11 at 5 p.m. (URU, ARG, BRA)

The UNESCO Regional Science Office for Latin America and the Caribbean has prepared the report “Scientific Diplomacy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Strategies, Mechanisms and Perspectives”, as an approach to the panorama of science, technology and innovation diplomacy in the region.

In this virtual event, said report will be presented by the Dr. Marga Gual Soler (author of the same and moderator of the colloquium), together with renowned panelists, who will share their experiences on the subject, identifying challenges and recommendations in international relations and regional cooperation in STI, to promote scientific diplomacy.

Antonio Copete (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Colombia), Thais Collado (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Panama), Pedro Ivo da Silva (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil), Marcella Ohira (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research, Uruguay), María Estelí Jarquin (University of Costa Rica) will be part of this colloquium.

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