Posters by #CILAC18

The following works were exhibited to the general public during the Open Forum in Panama City, and deal with various topics linked to Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda. In some cases, those responsible for the poster were present to present and expand the information of the same to the interested parties. Universities and other educational institutes, government entities, UNESCO Chairs and research institutes are some of those that created posters and exhibited at CILAC 2018.

The posters presented here were selected based on their alignment with the objectives of the CILAC Forum, the relevance of the topics addressed to the regional or local reality, the quality of their foundations and the track record of the responsible institutions.

Digital skills in university students

Specialized University of the Americas
Responsible: Brizeida Hernández Sánchez and Grseisy González

Alternative projects with the application of technology for Local Production in the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands

Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentine Republic
Responsible: Walter D. Bogado

Communal impact experiences using alternative drinking water supply and sanitation technologies in Costa Rica

IDESPO – National University of Costa Rica
Responsible: María Chaves Villalobos and Nelly López Alfaro

Women Project[ES]. Towards the development of women social entrepreneurs

Faculty of Psychology, National University of Mar del Plata. CONICET, Argentina
Responsible: Yamila Fernanda Silva Peralta

Challenges and strategies to disseminate about sustainability in Mexico

Mexican Society for the Dissemination of Science and Technology (SOMEDICyT)
Institute of Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, UNAM
Responsible: Ma. de Lourdes Patiño Barba, Patricia Aguilera Jiménez, Clementina Equihua Zamora, Patricia Magaña Rueda

Raising awareness about the importance of reducing food waste in food production

Department of Food and Nutrition Services Administration and Department of Food. School of Nutrition (EN), University of the Republic (UdelaR), Uruguay
Responsible: Claudia Suarez, Ma. Noel Acosta, Lucía Hernández, Flavia Noguera, Allyson Gómez, Ivanna Aude

Research aimed at improving the quality of life of older adults in Panama

Institute of Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT AIP, Panama), Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua (USMA, Panama)
Responsible: Ambar R. Pérez, Diana Oviedo, Alcibiades Villarreal, Héctor Lezcano, Shantal Grajales, María B Carreira, Gabrielle Britton

Educational trajectories in technical-professional education in Uruguay from a gender perspective

Council of Technical and Professional Education (CETP) of Uruguay
Responsible: Andrea Cabot Echevarria

Studying the climate with sensors in the northeast of Uruguay

Council of Technical and Professional Education (CETP) of Uruguay
Responsible: Sergio Ottonello Bruzzone

Inequality (SDG5) in access to elected positions

Universidad Santa María La Antigua (USMA), National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT Project-IDDS-15-033), National Research System of Panama (SNI),
Center for Scientific Research of Social Sciences (CENICS)
Responsible: Luis C. Herrera, Virginia Torres-Lista, Markelda Montenegro

Cooperation of the University of Buenos Aires with the Paris Descartes UNESCO Chair of Digital Anatomy. A global interuniversity inclusion project for the dissemination of knowledge and the use of new technologies

Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry (UBA), Center for Innovation in Technology and Pedagogy of the Undersecretary of Innovation and Academic Quality of the Secretariat of Academic Affairs (UBA), Department of Health Sciences of the National University of La Matanza Province of Buenos Aires Argentina (UNLAM)
Academic Department of Health Sciences. National University of La Rioja (UNLaR)
Responsible: María del Pilar Torres, María José Abriata, Sonia Peñaloza, Beatriz Córdoba, Facundo Mendes Garrido

Multidisciplinary conferences with thematic axes, moving away from the “Business University” model

School of Physics – Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Responsible: Miguel Ángel Rojas Quesada, Melania Campos Rodríguez, Ernesto Montero Zeledón, Natalia Murillo Quirós

Human security for regional development

UNESCO Chair in Human Security and Regional Development in Latin America, Blas Pascal University – Córdoba, Argentina
Responsible: Alberto Ferral

Consequences of Greenhouse Gases in the Paraguayan Economy Period 2000-2030

Catholic University “Our Lady of the Assumption”
Responsible: Valeria Steffi Meza, Researcher at the Applied Research Center, Asunción – Paraguay

UNESCO Chair for Intercultural Dialogue in Our America

UNESCO Chair for Intercultural Dialogue in Our America
Responsible: Camila Valdes Leon

The scissors effect in women's scientific careers

CIFHU (University of Panama), INDICASAT
Responsible: Eugenia Rodríguez Blanco and Nadia de León

Network of Coastal Marine Educators of Northern Peru

Ugel de Tumbes, IE O35 Horacio Zeballo Gámez – Cabuyal – Pampas de Hospital; Peru
Responsible: Yilmer Roque Guerrero

THIS GIRL CAN – Discover, Create, Innovate

UNESCO Chair for Gender Equality in higher education institutes
Responsible: Ericka Madrid and Karol Muñoz

UNESCO-EOLSS Chair in Natural Resources Management, Territorial Planning and Environmental Protection

UNESCO-EOLSS Chair in Natural Resources Management, Territorial Planning and Environmental Protection
Responsible: Alejandra Stehr

UNESCO Chair in Biosphere and Natural and Mixed World Heritage Sites

University for International Cooperation
Responsible: Tania Moreno

UNESCO Chair in Child Development: weaving networks for children

Francisco José de Caldas District University, Bogotá – Colombia
Responsible: Flor Alba Santamaría Valero

UNESCO Chair in Right to Education

Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo – Brazil
Responsible: Nina Beatriz Stocco Ranieri

ENCRyM 50 years training professionals in conservation and museums

UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Conservation Sciences, National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography
Responsible: Andres Triana